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Pantegral serves Compendia as a virtual collaboration space for their team and clients to collect and process all tax related information.

How Pantegral is usedat Compendia Accounting Services

Compendia Connect is a web-based platform that Pantegral created for Compendia, an accounting firm. It allows Compendia to store and manage all the data and interactions with their clients regarding tax matters. Compendia and their clients can use Compendia Connect as a virtual workspace to gather and process all the information related to tax services.

  • Admins have access to a custom dashboard that helps them manage clients, tasks and chats.
  • The portal has encrypted secure document storage and 2FA for login.
  • Admins can manage multiple tax years per client.
  • Staff can assign themselves and others tasks, and management them all through the portal.
  • There are two different templates used for Corporate and Personal taxes.
  • Built in Chat functionality allows the staff to communicate with their clients easily.

We design a custom portalwith your brand in mind

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Collaborate with us!

Reach out if you are interested in a custom portal that fits your company needs. We are always interested to hear about new ways we can apply the Pantegral platform to help our clients. We can set up a quick call to see if Pantegral would be a good fit for you.