Explore Pantegral for fundraising.

The Anxiety Canada Fundraising portal utilizes Pantegral to help the public create personal and team based fundraising campaigns for anxiety.

How Pantegral is used at Anxiety Canada for fundraising

Pantegral is a powerful platform that enables anyone to launch and manage their own fundraising campaigns for causes they care about. Anxiety Canada is one of the many organizations that use Pantegral to raise awareness and funds for anxiety disorders. By creating a personal or team page on Pantegral, you can join the Anxiety Canada community and support their mission of providing free online resources and education for people living with anxiety.

  • Admins have a customized dashboard to manage and review all running and archived campaigns.
  • The public have the ability to create their profile, set a goal, and monitor their fundraising progress.
  • Team functionality allows people to join together and fundraise as a group for anxiety.
  • The portal automatically publishes a unique page on the Anxiety Canada website for each campaign that is published.
  • These published web pages automatically come off the site when the campaign deadline has been reached.
  • Everyone can see their progress on the leaderboard and can engage in friendly competition by sharing their campaigns to raise funds.

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Reach out if you are interested in a custom portal that fits your company needs. We are always interested to hear about new ways we can apply the Pantegral platform to help our clients. We can set up a quick call to see if Pantegral would be a good fit for you.