Explore Pantegral for storytelling.

Pantegral is a powerful tool that helps artists who want to share their personal stories by connecting them with experienced coaches from Digital Stories Canada. Through Pantegral, coaches can deliver online workshops that guide artists through the process of creating and publishing their digital stories.

How Pantegral is usedat Digital Stories Canada

Pantegral is a platform that connects Digital Stories Canada mentors with other creative people who want to learn and improve their storytelling skills. Creatives can join workshops that cover different aspects of digital storytelling, such as idea generation, production, editing, and final submissions. The Storytelling Portal is a section of Pantegral that offers guidance and resources for each stage of the creative process, from brainstorming tools to checklists to editing tutorials. The Storytelling Portal is designed to help artists create engaging and impactful stories for their audiences.

  • Artists may sign up to a workshop by filling in their profile information on the portal.
  • Artists can upload and download large files in different formats, gain access to resources, take notes, and chat with admins.
  • Administrators have access to an Overview Dashboard to review all cohorts, their artists, and the progress of each cohort.
  • Administrators can aslo use the Cohort Overview page to manage all settings related to cohorts and the individual artists in those cohorts.

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Collaborate with us!

Reach out if you are interested in a custom portal that fits your company needs. We are always interested to hear about new ways we can apply the Pantegral platform to help our clients. We can set up a quick call to see if Pantegral would be a good fit for you.