Expert collaboration portal to match your workflow.

Pantegral is a flexible platform that can virtualise a wide range of expert–client interactions. Our technology provides a custom-designed portal that codifies your processes and presents a unique collaboration space for you and your clients. Experience benefits in clarity, time efficiency, and high fidelity when managing complex client interactions online.

Map your collaborative journey and keep everyone on track.

A mix of traditional methods such as meetings, emails, phone, and video calls can create a fragmented, impersonal, and inefficient workflow. With Pantegral, we bring everything together in one place and help build a coherent client experience.

We provide developers with a customizable framework to design and build expert-client portals. This framework includes many components and interactive modules that can be arranged as a custom portal that fits your brand and collaborative journey.

  • Map your business processes

    We work with you to identify what makes your client process flow and translate that to create your unique client portal.

    Our Process
  • Use our customizable component library

    We codify patterns of expert-client human interactions as discrete modular components optimized for high fidelity and utility.

    Feature List
  • Assemble a portal to match your flow

    Our framework is dynamic, extensible, and highly customizable so that it can be readily applied to any expert domain.

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All facets of your client collaboration contained in one web application.

With your Pantegral portal, you will have the advantage of using several high-level tools and features to help get everybody on board. Gain insight into your client relations and optimize your administration efficiency within a system that is reliable, performant, and secure.

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  • Planning & Tracking
  • Customizability
  • Records & Reports
  • Communications
  • Privacy & Security
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Planning and Tracking

Every portal involves a sequence of actions. Take note of tasks and other project management details.

Issue & Task Lists

Our tool allows you to take note of what needs to happen, by whom, and when.

Project Status

Keep track of where you are, where you've been, and where you are headed next.

Deadline Alerts

Keep everyone apprised of project deadlines and scheduling timetables.

Budgets & Timekeeping

Keep an account of hours, payments and other business.


We have a library of modular components that can be highly customized and arranged into groups that comprise the main part of any portal.

Your Branding

Colours, logo, fonts and other brand identifiers can be built into your portal.

Custom Built Components

We can build custom components to suit your specific workflow.

Responsive Design

Can be used on any desktop, tablet, and mobile device.

Powerful Integrations

Integrations with accounting, time tracking, and communications platforms.

Records and Reports

There is a lot of value in making sure that all the information regarding a project is kept in one place. Pantegral keeps everything organized, lets people find information when they need it, and allows control over who can access your information.

Savable notes

Real time collaborative text editing that can be saved and compartmentalized.


Keep note of who added files, made edits, and go back to previous revisions.

Personalized Reports

Create reports to view aggregate behavior across multiple portals.

Always In Sync

Push broadcast techniques to show portal changes and activity in real-time.


No need to dig through old emails when all communications are in one place.


Handy reference for your team and clients to see who is working on a project.

In-app Chat

A record of messages that works in conjunction with emails.


Schedule reminders and broadcast notifications as they happen.


Push chats and notifications to Slack and SMS text messages.

Privacy and Security

Some expert collaborations contain confidential information. We provide tools to secure the exchange of that information and the way it is stored in a data repository.

2 Factor Authentication

Encrypt files for storage and decrypt them with 2-factor authentication.

Data Encryption

Confidential information has restricted access and is stored as an encrypted file.

Individual User Accounts

Control over what information can be accessed on a user-by-user basis.

Activity Log

Pantegral keeps a full activity log record to know who did what, when.

Learn how companies use Pantegral every day.

  • Explore Pantegral for accounting.

    Pantegral serves Compendia as a virtual collaboration space for their team and clients to collect and process all tax related information.
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  • Explore Pantegral for design and development.

    Sparkjoy Studios is a web development agency that benefits from using Pantegral for tracking and managing the flow of their client projects.
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  • Explore Pantegral for sustainable development.

    The NBI Global Resource Centre uses Pantegral to collect relevant technical data and policy documents in a secure shared workspace.
    Learn More
  • Explore Pantegral for fundraising.

    The Anxiety Canada Fundraising portal utilizes Pantegral to help the public create personal and team based fundraising campaigns for anxiety.
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  • Explore Pantegral for e-commerce.

    Laid Back Snacks is a healthy snack brand that uses Pantegral for corporate gifting that can be sent as appreciation to clients or employees.
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  • Explore Pantegral for event management.

    Crafted Vancouver uses their Pantegral portal for curators and artists to co-develop their application for the Crafted festival and events.
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  • Explore Pantegral for storytelling.

    Pantegral is a powerful tool that helps artists who want to share their personal stories by connecting them with experienced coaches from Digital Stories Canada. Through Pantegral, coaches can deliver online workshops that guide artists through the process of creating and publishing their digital stories.
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  • Explore Pantegral for architecture. enables collaboration among the key stakeholders of architectural projects using the best practices established by the CHOP, the Candian Handbook of Architectural Practice . (In development)
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Work through an engaging collaborative process.

  • Client Meeting and Discovery

    We like to start the process by having a discovery meeting with our clients to learn your workflow, clarify your priorities, and create a shared vision of a solution.

    • Learn about your business and needs.
    • Understand your users, target goals, and success criteria.
    • Define a clear costing and proposal for the project.
  • Research and Process Mapping

    Once the basics are covered, we deep dive into defining the data and sequence of interactions between you and your clients, which we then map onto our customized portal components.

    • Build out a detailed information architecture and initial concepts.
    • Mapping out your existing processes onto a visual flow chart.
    • Design ways to codify your process onto the Pantegral platform.
  • Design and Ideate

    Our design stage focuses on the user experience. We create simple wireframes and high-fidelity visual mockups. Throughout this process, we ensure our work is in parity with your functional needs.

    • Build styling requirements for the portal based on your brand styles.
    • Design wireframes and interactive high-fidelity mockups for testing.
    • Multiple rounds of feedback and revisions for refinement.
  • Prototype Review and Refinement

    We can rapidly prototype a portal to allow us to test early and gain a more informed view of the user experience. We can then uncover areas that need design changes, improving the product experience to meet real world goals.

    • Develop a live prototype for you to test with your team and users.
    • User testing, reviews and portal refinement.
    • Data validation and quality assurance before launch.
  • Delivery and Launch

    After testing and refining the product, we complete the development phase of the project by launching the portal for real-world use.

    • Set up, migration and deployment.
    • Integrations with an existing website.
    • Followup testing and monitoring the portal use.
  • Support and Continual Improvement

    Once launched, our work then moves on to training you on how to use the full portal. We also provide maintenance and continual refinement to the product and services.

    • Training and support for your team on how to use your portal.
    • Maintenance of the portal to ensure security, reliability, and performance.
    • We provide retainer or billable services to improve the functionality and growth of your portal.


Pantegral can help improve your online customer interactions.
Talk to us about your workflow and we can share how Pantegral can transform how your team works.

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Answers to your frequently asked questions.

What makes Pantegral unique?

Pantegral is a combination of expert system, web portal, data repository, and communications system in one application. The tools allow you to map expert-client human interactions as discrete modular components onto a web-based portal.

Pantegral is highly customizable and is based on an open framework that comprises customization tools and third-party integrations. This allows us to build a highly functional portal perfectly suited to your needs.

What kind of projects has Pantegral been used for?

Pantegral is best suited for an expert-client interaction that has a series of well defined steps. We have built the platform to be highly versatile and can be configured to be applied to a wide range of domains. For example:

  • Accounting
  • Retail
  • Consultations
  • Scientific Assessments
  • Data Aquisition and Visualization
  • Project Management
  • Event Management
  • Content Collaboration

Pantegral has a broad utility for projects that might not be mentioned on this list. If you have any questions, please contact us with your unique requirements and we can help you out.

How is my privacy protected in Pantegral?

Pantegral has a number of security consideration baked into the framework. We can apply various levels of security based on your portal's requirements. Some of these include:

  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Data Encryption
  • Individual account access
  • Activity Logs

We host and manage the platform on your behalf to ensure the portal performs reliably and securely.

How much does a Pantegral portal cost?

Every Pantegral portal is unique and custom designed to match our client's needs. As such, there is a large variability in the cost and is typically two to five times the price of a professional brochure website.

The costs are usually related to the number of users, the complexity of your process, how many steps your workflow contains, and any requirements that need custom programming and development.

If you are interested in a quote, we would love to hear about your work and your process to provide an estimate. Please contact us using the form below.

Collaborate with us!

Reach out if you are interested in a custom portal that fits your company needs. We are always interested to hear about new ways we can apply the Pantegral platform to help our clients. We can set up a quick call to see if Pantegral would be a good fit for you.